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John Howard will reprise his role.

SeaChange makes surprise return to screens for 2019

Original SeaChange stars David Wenham and Sigrid Thornton.Source:Supplied ALMOST two decades after it left screens, beloved Australian drama series SeaChange is returning for a new season. The surprising news came as part of the Nine Network’s announcement of its 2019 programming highlights today, and will see original stars Sigrid Thornton and John Howard return to Read More

Transplanted brain stem cells survive without anti-rejection drugs in mice

In experiments in mice, Johns Hopkins Medicine researchers say they have developed a way to successfully transplant certain protective brain cells without the need for lifelong anti-rejection drugs. A report on the research, published Sept. 16 in the journal Brain, details the new approach, which selectively circumvents the immune response against foreign cells, allowing transplanted cells Read More

The latest urgent travel warning for Brits going on holiday to Greece

The Foreign Office has issued an urgent warning for British tourists travelling to Greece as wildfires rage across the island of Zante, also called Zakynthos. Wildfires have been reported near to Keri Village, less than 12km away from the popular resort, Zante town. One hotel and part of Keri village have been evacuated. The Foreign Read More

Mars Ice Deposit Holds as Much Water as Lake Superior

Frozen beneath a region of cracked and pitted plains on Mars lies about as much water as what’s in Lake Superior, largest of the Great Lakes, a team of scientists led by The University of Texas at Austin has determined using data from NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. Scientists examined part of Mars’ Utopia Planitia region, Read More

Filming of Peter Rabbit 2 in Centennial Park. Picture: John Grainger

David Oyelowo has the cutest pact with his wife of 20 years

  Ever since he portrayed Martin Luther King Jr in the acclaimed film Selma, David Oyelowo has been hot property in Hollywood. The 42-year-old Golden Globe nominee, whose name is being thrown around to play the first black James Bond, is in Australia promoting TV miniseries Les Miserables, as well as shooting Peter Rabbit 2. Read More

More frequent droughts may endanger ecosystem resiliency

In a new paper published in Nature, research assistant professor Christopher Schwalm of Northern Arizona University’s Center for Ecosystem Science and Society (Ecoss) shares the results of a study investigating the impact of more frequent droughts on ecosystem resiliency and how this phenomenon could endanger the land carbon sink. Earth’s land carbon sink comprises all Read More

Olivia Newton-John and her husband John Easterling on Channel 7

Why Olivia knocked back the role of Sandy

EVERYONE in the entertainment industry wanted a piece of our Aussie sweetheart Olivia Newton-John, including John Randal Kleiser the director behind the hit movie Grease. Olivia was part of a pop and rock music revolution in the ’70s — a time where her talent was becoming more and more recognised in the United Kingdom and Read More

Erin Molan’s message: At least they’re not reporting on your ‘subtle rhinoplasty’.

‘Bring it, Jeffreys’: Nine and Seven stars laugh off rivalry reports

NINE and Seven’s rival morning show reporters Sylvia Jeffreys and Edwina Bartholomew have laughed off a media report painting them as the “best of frenemies”. The Today and Sunrise reporters are both following Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on their current Australian tour, meaning they’re often reporting at the same location at the same time. Read More

Cervical Cancer Outcomes Worse Where Clinics Close

As government funding dried up and many women’s health clinics across America closed, cervical cancer screening rates fell and deaths from the disease rose, a new report shows. Nearly 100 women’s health clinics in the United States closed between 2010 and 2013, researchers said — often due to the passage of more restrictive laws or the loss of Title X government Read More

Dancing With The Stars: Does Bachelorette Hannah Brown Have An Unfair Advantage In Season 28?

Spoilers ahead for the Season 28 premiere of Dancing with the Stars. Dancing with the Stars has returned for Season 28 on ABC, and the premiere arrived with all the glitz, glamor, and varying degrees of actual dance ability that fans have come to expect. The cast is stacked with some who are bound to go far, Read More

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