Author: Kelly Rush

Резултат с изображение за William Herschel Telescope

Light from ancient quasars helps confirm quantum entanglement

Last year, physicists at MIT, the University of Vienna, and elsewhere provided strong support for quantum entanglement, the seemingly far-out idea that two particles, no matter how distant from each other in space and time, can be inextricably linked, in a way that defies the rules of classical physics. Take, for instance, two particles sitting Read More

Self-stacking nanogrids

Since the 1960s, computer chips have been built using a process called photolithography. But in the past five years, chip features have gotten smaller than the wavelength of light, which has required some ingenious modifications of photolithographic processes. Keeping up the rate of circuit miniaturization that we’ve come to expect — as predicted by Moore’s Read More

Herald Sun cartoonist Mark Knight at his home studio. Picture: Jake Nowakowski

US savages ‘Australia’s ignorance’

AMERICA has responded with shock and disgust over a cartoon depiction of tennis star Serena Williams which has been labelled “racist” and “sexist”. The image by Australian cartoonist Mark Knight has created uproar in the US with commentators saying it is an example of Australia’s “blind racism”. The furore comes as Knight, a respected cartoonist Read More

LaVar Ball’s mouth sadly survived the Lithuanian roast.

Scorched earth honesty ruins infamous family

WITH the rise of social media and the various platforms’ popularity among players, passive aggression and petty sniping may be at an all-time high in the NBA. But for a master class in throwing shade, look no further than BC Prienai-Skycop of the Lithuanian professional basketball league, former home to the Big Baller Brand circus. Read More

Increased Sea Ice Drift Puts Polar Bears on Faster Moving Treadmill

A new study led by the U.S. Geological Survey and the University of Wyoming found that increased westward ice drift in the Beaufort and Chukchi seas requires polar bears to expend more energy walking eastward on a faster moving “treadmill” of sea ice. A polar bear walks across rubble ice in the Alaska portion of Read More

See how an AI system classifies you based on your selfie

Modern artificial intelligence is often lauded for its growing sophistication, but mostly in doomer terms. If you’re on the apocalyptic end of the spectrum, the AI revolution will automate millions of jobs, eliminate the barrier between reality and artifice, and, eventually, force humanity to the brink of extinction. Along the way, maybe we get robot Read More

Mercedes-Benz reboots the ‘first modern car’ as a dashing EV concept

Mercedes-Benz’s newest concept car is a reminder that the company pioneered the concept of cars. The Vision Mercedes Simplex, unveiled late last week at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show, is essentially a modern-day reboot of the original Mercedes, the “35 PS” from 1901. Along with its successor, the original Simplex, the 35 PS helped kick off Read More

America’s Got Talent: Lukas & Dog Falco Returning with ‘Emotional’ Performance

Lukas and dog Falco are returning to America’s Got Talent with an “emotional” performance to make up for being eliminated previously. In the quarter-finals, Lukas Pratschker and his best friend/dog, Falco, impressed the judges on the NBC show with their intense tricks. The two performed a dance to the music of Blink 182’s “All the Small Things” that had choreographed jumps and Read More

What cover do you enjoy if you travel for work?

As an employee you might not be willing to use your personal medical benefits for a business trip When your company sends you on a business trip, you tend to be far more detached from the arrangements than when you plan a holiday. And as your mental bandwidth is taken up with details of meetings, Read More

Adults take girls’ pain less seriously

Gender stereotypes can hurt children — quite literally. When asked to assess how much pain a child is experiencing based on the observation of identical reactions to a finger-stick, American adults believe boys to be in more pain than girls, according to a new Yale study in the Journal of Pediatric Psychology. The researchers attribute this Read More