Author: Kelly Rush

Human hearts evolved for endurance

Major physical changes occurred in the human heart as people shifted from hunting and foraging to farming and modern life. As a result, human hearts are now less “ape-like” and better suited to endurance types of activity. But that also means those who lead sedentary lives are at greater risk for heart disease. Those are Read More

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How electric vehicles could take a bite out of the oil market

When will cars powered by gas-guzzling internal combustion engines become obsolete? Not as soon as it seems, even with the latest automotive news out of Europe. First, Volvo announced it would begin to phase out the production of cars that run solely on gasoline or diesel by 2019 by only releasing new models that are electric Read More

Charlie’s losing it.

James Weir recaps The Bachelorette episode 7

TWO frontrunners have fallen to the bottom within a single episode on The Bachelorette, with one confronting Ali in a jealous rage and the other blindsiding her with a cocky admission that leaves her winded. She can only get rid of one. And the decision leaves her in tears. More importantly though, on Wednesday night Read More

Electric car owners could choose which fake sounds their cars make under new proposal

The federal government is requiring automakers to include artificial motor sounds in electric and hybrid cars when traveling at low speeds to alert pedestrians, but it wants to give vehicle owners the ability to choose which sounds they use. In a notice of proposed rule-making, the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says drivers should Read More

Novel Hawaiian communities operate similarly to native ecosystems

On the Hawaiian island of Oahu, it is possible to stand in a lush tropical forest that doesn’t contain a single native plant. The birds that once dispersed native seeds are almost entirely gone, too, leaving a brand-new ecological community composed of introduced plants and birds. In a first-of-its-kind study published today (April 4) in Read More

Microsoft’s annual Build developer conference kicks off on May 19th

Microsoft will host its 2020 Build developer conference in Seattle from Tuesday, May 19th to Thursday, May 21st, the company announced today. Microsoft didn’t say when tickets will go on sale, but does have a general mailing list you can sign up for to get information about the event. Build is one of Microsoft’s biggest events of the Read More

Jimmy Butler has been clutch for Philadelphia.

Surprising 76er admits Butler frustration

When Jimmy Butler arrived in Philadelphia, 76ers coach said it would take Aussie superstar Ben Simmons some time to get used to his new role with the club. After almost a month, Simmons and Butler are getting along fine but the third leg of the big three has admitted his new role “really frustrates me”. Read More

New mathematical model can help save endangered species

What does the blue whale have in common with the Bengal tiger and the green turtle? They share the risk of extinction and are classified as endangered species. There are multiple reasons for species to die out, and climate changes is among the main reasons.   The risk of extinction varies from species to species Read More

EC just hanging out with some mates.

Hands up if you were terrified of EC from ’90s kids’ show Lift Off

IF YOU grew up in the ’90s there’s a fair chance you were terrified of the faceless doll known as EC on the TV show Lift Off. But one of the lead actors from the program simply can’t understand why. Luke Carroll played Paul on the show and he recently told ABC Throwback that he Read More

Hang in there. As couples age, humor replaces bickering

Honeymoon long over? Hang in there. A new UC Berkeley study shows those prickly disagreements that can mark the early and middle years of marriage mellow with age as conflicts give way to humor and acceptance. Researchers analyzed videotaped conversations between 87 middle-aged and older husbands and wives who had been married for 15 to Read More

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