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See how an AI system classifies you based on your selfie

Modern artificial intelligence is often lauded for its growing sophistication, but mostly in doomer terms. If you’re on the apocalyptic end of the spectrum, the AI revolution will automate millions of jobs, eliminate the barrier between reality and artifice, and, eventually, force humanity to the brink of extinction. Along the way, maybe we get robot Read More

Mercedes-Benz reboots the ‘first modern car’ as a dashing EV concept

Mercedes-Benz’s newest concept car is a reminder that the company pioneered the concept of cars. The Vision Mercedes Simplex, unveiled late last week at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show, is essentially a modern-day reboot of the original Mercedes, the “35 PS” from 1901. Along with its successor, the original Simplex, the 35 PS helped kick off Read More

Electric car owners could choose which fake sounds their cars make under new proposal

The federal government is requiring automakers to include artificial motor sounds in electric and hybrid cars when traveling at low speeds to alert pedestrians, but it wants to give vehicle owners the ability to choose which sounds they use. In a notice of proposed rule-making, the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says drivers should Read More

Microsoft’s annual Build developer conference kicks off on May 19th

Microsoft will host its 2020 Build developer conference in Seattle from Tuesday, May 19th to Thursday, May 21st, the company announced today. Microsoft didn’t say when tickets will go on sale, but does have a general mailing list you can sign up for to get information about the event. Build is one of Microsoft’s biggest events of the Read More