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The latest urgent travel warning for Brits going on holiday to Greece

The Foreign Office has issued an urgent warning for British tourists travelling to Greece as wildfires rage across the island of Zante, also called Zakynthos. Wildfires have been reported near to Keri Village, less than 12km away from the popular resort, Zante town. One hotel and part of Keri village have been evacuated. The Foreign Read More

Seven steps to make travel to scientific conferences more sustainable

All scientists face pressure to give external seminars and attend conferences. This is especially important for early-career researchers because doing so can help them to find new positions, and adds to their CVs. To do research effectively, scientists need to build networks and collaborations, and learn about cutting-edge developments in their field. But the benefits Read More

Delta Demystified: Yes, Bikes Travel as Checked Bags

Delta Airlines announced a change in its airline rules that brought it to parity with American Airlines: Checked bikes will travel simply as a checked bag, no extra fee. We reported Delta’s near-conformity with American’s new rules. Were we premature? A thread sprung up on the Slowtwitch Reader Forum asking about this and, indeed, the language was confusing to Read More

What cover do you enjoy if you travel for work?

As an employee you might not be willing to use your personal medical benefits for a business trip When your company sends you on a business trip, you tend to be far more detached from the arrangements than when you plan a holiday. And as your mental bandwidth is taken up with details of meetings, Read More