The ‘absolute joke’ that cost Serena No. 1 ranking

  ESPN analyst and former renowned coach/player Brad Gilbert ripped the WTA for being a “joke’’ in not having a kinder maternity-leave protection on rankings for returning mothers such as Serena Williams. The topic was raised as the 36-year-old mother gets ready for her first U.S. Open since giving birth last September, when she missed Read More

Arrowverse Crisis On Infinite Earths Has Marvel-Like Spoiler Protections

The Arrowverse’s upcoming Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover is already shaping up to be an exciting event, now with an impressive spoiler warning. Crisis on Infinite Earths, which was first teased during last season’s Elseworlds event, will involve characters from every DC show on The CW, including Black Lightning for the first time. It will consist of 5 episodes, with Read More

Why Friends Will Not Get A Reboot, Revival, Or Reunion Show, According To Co-Creators

We are currently living in an age that was largely unheard of before. An age of television where popular shows from the past are more likely than ever to be revived with original cast members or rebooted with an all new take on its classic story. As comedies like Will & Grace (which is going into its third Read More

Volcanic microbes reveal how humans adjusted to atmosphere change

Ancient microbes that thrive in some of the world’s most extreme environments and modern-day humans have more in common than meets the eye — namely, they both respire and conserve energy using a similar molecular mechanism, one that has adapted to changing environmental conditions over billions of years. The findings, published today in Cell by scientists at Van Read More

Seven steps to make travel to scientific conferences more sustainable

All scientists face pressure to give external seminars and attend conferences. This is especially important for early-career researchers because doing so can help them to find new positions, and adds to their CVs. To do research effectively, scientists need to build networks and collaborations, and learn about cutting-edge developments in their field. But the benefits Read More

Volcanic ‘plumerang’ could impact human health

A new study has found a previously undetected potential health risk from the high concentration of small particles found in a boomerang-like return of a volcanic plume. A team of scientists, led by Dr Evgenia Ilyinskaya at the University of Leeds, traced the evolution of the plume chemistry from the 2014-2015 Icelandic Holuhraun lava field Read More

The Cavs heaped more misery on the Knicks.

Aussie beast crashes NBA star’s party

Andre Drummond had 32 points and 17 rebounds, and the Detroit Pistons extended their winning streak to four with a 121-112 victory over the Washington Wizards as Australian star Thon Maker made the highlights reel.     Blake Griffin had 20 of his 31 points in the first half for the Pistons, who haven’t lost Read More

image of a human skeleton

Human bodies can move on their own after death, study finds

Researchers studying the process of decomposition in a body after death from natural causes found that, without any external “assistance,” human remains can change their position. This discovery has important implications for forensic science. Even after death, human remains do not stop moving, researchers have found. Often, forensic scientists will assume that the position in Read More

Delta Demystified: Yes, Bikes Travel as Checked Bags

Delta Airlines announced a change in its airline rules that brought it to parity with American Airlines: Checked bikes will travel simply as a checked bag, no extra fee. We reported Delta’s near-conformity with American’s new rules. Were we premature? A thread sprung up on the Slowtwitch Reader Forum asking about this and, indeed, the language was confusing to Read More

Shaynna worries she wasted her breath.

Things get tense during Sara and Shaynna Block showdown

CONTROVERSIAL Block contestant Sara has gone head to head with judge and design industry veteran Shaynna Blaze, making for awkward scenes in tonight’s episode of the home reno show. Sara and husband Hayden were offered a design mentoring session with Blaze after their room placed last with the judges for the third week in a Read More